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At Zydeco Technologies our mission is to provide secure small business computer networks that function at peak performance and reliability.

Zydeco Technologies is a solutions provider. We provide a host of beneficial services for small businesses. Our line of products and services range from repair, hardware, complete computer systems, turnkey POS systems to network installation, network management solutions, web development, communicatiopns and systems integration.

When your Business has computer and network problems, you have downtime and productivity loss, your customer service suffers, you lose critical data and your profits go down. This is a huge risk for any business. Zydeco Technologies provides proactive IT support to eliminate these risks and helps keep your productivity, service levels and profits growing.

We provide Peace of Mind for Business Owners. Whether it's our onsite solutions, managed solutions, phone support, drop-off support or any of our other cost saving and productivity enhancing products or services, Zydeco will keep you up and running trouble free.

When you choose Zydeco you can rest assured that your business will enjoy trouble-free systems because "We do IT right!"


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The owner and founder, Joe Mike Brooks, is a 1979 graduate of the University of Texas at Arlington. Joe Mike has been involved with computers of all kinds since 1974, when he took his first FORTRAN programming class. He's been hooked on home, business and industrial computers ever since. Our other technicians all have 10 to 20 years experience, having designed, built, upgraded, repaired or installed OVER TWENTY-FIVE THOUSAND computers, laptops, servers and networks.

Joe Mike Brooks has worked for both small businesses and multinational technology companies. He has been running a small business since 1989 and has been the owner of or a partner in four different companies, all focused on technology. Joe Mike understands Small Business from the inside out.
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