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Computer Equipment Recycling

Texas Computer Equipment Recycling Program


Do you have a Zydeco Technologies computer system that is no longer in use? Please bring it to our store located at 1520 S. Major Dr., Suite C, Beaumont, Texas between the hours of 9am and 6pm central time Monday through Friday. We will recycle it for you at no charge.


Recycling Services

Zydeco Technologies in Beaumont Recycles Any Brand:

  • computers
  • laptop/notebook computers
  • servers
  • LCD monitors
  • CRT (tube type) monitors that were purchased from us
  • motherboards
  • modems
  • keyboards, mice and speakers
  • cables
  • circuit boards
  • LCDs


Fee-Based Data Protection Services

  • Remove Hard Drive from computer and return to you: $5.00ea
  • Hard Drive Department of Defense style 3-Pass drive wipe and return hard drive to you: $30.00ea
  • Hard Drive Drilling with a minimum of 2 holes drilled through platters and recycle hard drive: $6.00ea
  • Hard Drive Shredding is ideal for large numbers of hard drives that need to be destroyed. Call for free quote.
  • Certificate of data destruction or drive destruction will be supplied for wiping, drilling or shredding of hard drives.


Free Services

  • Recycling of consumer computer equipment.
  • Recycling of commercial and academic computer equipment (small quantities).
  • Equipment is recycled in a TCEQ approved and environmentally sound manner for proper removal and recycling of obsolete IT equipment.
  • Certificate of Recycling Statement provided.


Fee-Based Services

  • Recycling of CRT (tube type) monitors that were not purchased from us: $5.00ea
  • Pick-up and Recycling of large quantities of commercial and academic computer equipment.
  • Call us for a free quote if you have a large number of computers, monitors, printers or other peripherals.


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