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We provide computer accessories and upgrades. We service almost any brand of computer, including Apple computers and laptops and Chromebooks. Whether you have a virus, a cracked screen, a failed hard drive or any other technical issue we can get you up and running again. We also build custom computers in our standard configurations or completely to your preferred specifications.We build computers for your specific use whether it is extreme gaming, business workstations and servers or video production and editing. We are also an HP Partner and can provide HP servers, towers and laptops for any type of business.


Virus and Spyware Removal

Virus and spyware infections are the number one computer repair problem experienced by computer users. We have extensive experience dealing with malware (viruses and spyware) of all kinds. We will get rid of the viruses and spyware, repair windows and have your computer up and running again.

We will:
1) Remove the malware (viruses and spyware).
2) Repair the Windows system files and registry entries that have been modified by the malware.
3) Install the Microsoft security updates.
4) Make sure that you have a good working Antivirus program installed.
5) Perform a tune-up on Windows so that your computer will run as fast as it should be.

If a virus has damaged Windows to the extent that a clean installation of Windows is required, we will back up your documents, pictures, music, movies, financial data, email records and any other information you may need to keep before we re-format your hard drive.

Operating System Repairs and Tune-Up

Our technicians are familiar with Windows and Linux Operating Systems. When your Operating System fails, your computer will have frequent shutdowns, error messages, blue screens and lock-ups, or it won't even boot up at all. Our technicians will attempt to repair your Operating System through a careful diagnosis process or a clean installation of Windows after backing up your data. Your computer will be updated, tuned-up and running properly when we are done.

Diagnosing & Repairing Desktop Hardware Failures

Our technicians are trained to recognize, properly identify, and repair system and hardware failures. We will provide you with a FREE diagnosis and a FREE quote for the cost to repair before doing any work on your computer.

Diagnosing & Repairing Laptop, Notebook and Netbook Hardware Failures

  • DC power jack replacement
  • LCD screen replacement
  • AC power adapter replacement
  • Motherboard repair and replacement
  • Video repair and replacement
  • Keyboards and lost key replacement
  • Installing and upgrading hardware

Installing and Upgrading New Hardware

We can provide or install hardware upgrades for your computer such as printers, memory, hard drives, solid-state drives, DVD drives, Blu-Ray drives, wireless adapters, network cards, video cards, TV tuners, video capture cards, sound cards plus many more. Improperly installing such a component can not only damage your system, but could void your computer warranty. Having computer hardware professionally installed far outweighs the potential negative consequences of things going wrong when doing it yourself.

Password Recovery

Our technicians carry powerful computer programs that are designed to recover lost passwords. Your best course of action is to contact us as soon as possible after being locked out of your computer, a document, spreadsheet, or any other password protected file. Attempts to penetrate a password protected computer or file could compromise the integrity of your system, resulting in a loss of important information.

Data Recovery

Our technicians are trained to recover data that otherwise may seem lost due to system crash, file corruption, or loss of a backup. Every effort is made to recover your lost data utilizing specialized tools and software.

Data Transfers

We can move your information from one computer to another for you. If you have purchased a new computer from us, we offer this data transfer as a free service.

E-Mail Configuration

Our technicians are experienced in setting up a variety of email clients and their specific configurations. We can configure Outlook Express, Outlook, Thunderbird and other software clients. We can also set up web-based email clients such as Yahoo, Outlook.com and Gmail for you and then show you how to use it.

Computer Relocation

Moving your equipment? We can pack and locally move your computer equipment safely and then set it all back up again at your new location. We always test your system to make sure everything is working properly at your new site.

Other Computer Repairs

Bad wiring? Wi-Fi not working? Network not working? Trouble with wireless printers? Need help installing internet access from Time-Warner, AT&T Newwave, or a wireless air card from your cell phone company? We can help you with all of those kinds of computer repairs. Our technicians have extensive experience with wired and wireless networking.

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